New Year, New Me…

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, I know – what with Halloween parties, trips to London and Christmas holidays in Samoa and Australia, I haven’t been on top of my blog-game but I intend to get back to a more regular schedule in 2017 (Happy New Year by the way!) Along with more regular blogging, Raj and I plan to finally join a gym (We are treating 1st Feb as our 1st Jan for that particular resolution, as my forthcoming trips to London and Bali and his forthcoming trip to India eats up the month of January!). Monthly trips to Seoul and more planned fun round out our 2017 resolutions!

So whats the blog agenda to come? First and foremost, I’m going to write about buying a car. We bought one at the end of October and for various reasons didn’t take possession of it properly until the end of November but now that we do have it it really has changed our life. Then we’ll do a bit of “Things to do and places to eat out in Songdo” (about time I get that one sorted), some of my favourite Seoul recommendations, Lunar New Year (and about how I am spending it in Bali) and then we shall see what comes up.

Anyhow, given that this is my first foray back into the world of WordPress for a few months, I’ll keep the written word short and sweet and here is the last quarter of 2016 in Pictures:

Halloween, October 2016:

London, November 2016:

My baby boy turned 21!

Samoa, December 2016:


Australia 2016-2017:


And last but not least, my End-of-2016-Collage: