#southkoreanbakeoff Weeks 5 & 6

So as you know, I haven’t been to Bangsan Market to buy a pie tin etc etc so Week 5 Pastry Week is currently on hold, until I have all the necessary items.

Skipping ahead, I have completed Week 6 – in a fashion. I was certainly a bit perplexed when they announced Botanical week and wondered whether it would be something I would be able to make happen here in Songdo. However, all was made clear when the episode started as all it meant was that all bakes needed to include  herbs, greens and flowers. Out of a ‘Citrus’ Meringue Pie (what DO you do with all those leftover yolks) a Herby ‘Fougasse’ and the showstopper – a 3 tiered floral cake (floral could either be part of the flavour, the decoration or both) I went with a version of the showstopper. I don’t have 3 concentric cake tins, the right stands/bases etc etc to even try something tiered, so I decided Cupcakes would be the way forward. And before you say I was getting off lightly, I chose to incorporate the floral element in both the flavour and decoration – and lo, the honey cupcake with chamomile buttercream icing came about – loosely based on this recipe with a few tweaks of my own . In addition, good friends back home just had a little girl so I decided to try to pipe pink buttercream roses on the cakes. Try being the operative word.


It is the first time I’ve used yoghurt in a cupcake and it makes for an amazing-moist-on-the-inside-with-a-light-crisp-on-the-outside bake. Hello go-to recipe – time to try you out with different flavour combinations I think!




I also tried to get the stripey effect that Candice was going for with her Lime Meringue Pie, by ‘painting’ the inside of the piping bag before loading it with buttercream.Being paintbrush-less meant that the painting didn’t work as well as I would have liked, so I went for pink icing and as much of a stripe as I could manage. And my roses are no way near as cool as Selasi’s but at least I tried!!

Coming up next week: Deserts – thinking ahead, I’m leaning towards a swiss roll but we shall see…




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