My South Korean Bakeoff: Week 4…. and a Bonus Battengberg

Week 4 is pastry week and out of the recipes made, which included lacy pancakes and churros, I picked Yorkshire puddings as I figured it was a useful thing to be able to make… even when you can buy frozen puds at home you can’t always guarantee that they wouldn’t have been made using lard so hey-ho and away we go.

I used this recipe (BBC Good Food to the rescue yet again) and it seems that the trick is making sure that the oil in the muffin tin is super hot prior to pouring the batter in. I also used a ladle to try and make sure that the puddings came out even in size (Thanks Bake Off for that tip) and when I served them for dinner, Raj gave them the thumbs up. I also have a few stashed away in the freezer for another day – Yum.

Now I’m a couple of weeks behind in my challenge: Pastry Week and Botanical Week have both been aired. For pastry week I’m going to make a Bakewell Tart but first I need to head back to Bangsan (or figure out how to shop online) and pick up a pie tin, flaked almonds and almond essence, so this one might be on hold temporarily. For Botanical Week, I don’t have the occasion for which to try a showstopper, but I am going to make honey cupcakes ( with chamomile icing piped in the shape of a rose – I’m using the piping from Selasi’s showstopper as my inspiration so fingers crossed it works out!


To make up for the fact that I’m a bit behind, I also decided to try an old GBBO classic and make a Battenberg Cake. It didn’t turn out perfectly because my marzipan was too sticky, but I have figured out how to combat that and have a second batch in the fridge ready to try again. It passed the taste-test at a friend’s birthday brunch though so wins all around for me!

Raj is away this week and I’ve run out of things to do today (it is 11:57 and I’ve already had lunch) so I think might try my hand at the cupcakes this afternoon.




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