My South Korean Bake-Off: Week 3

Bread Week

I finally bit the bullet and tried my week 3 bread week challenge. I had to wait until the weekend for Raj to be around, because all my various aches and pains definitely rule out kneading dough and if there is one thing I knew without being told, it is that good bread needs strong kneading.

All the recipes I found online required strong bread flour and as I have no clue what this would be in Korean, I put out a Facebook plea for an easy to make recipe that uses plain flour and lo and behold, the Facebook world delivered.

We started in the morning, because I didn’t know exactly how much time we’d need to prove the bread for. Mixing the dough was an adventure – we added flour cup by cup and for a long while it just looked like a gloopy mess, but our patience was rewarded when suddenly a smooth beautiful ball of dough was formed.

Raj and I have never made dough before so we were slightly over excited by the proving process and kept poking our noses into the bowl to see how the rising was going.

Once the dough was doubled in size, we kneaded again and then came the shaping. There was SO much dough that we decided to make 3 loaves (pending the first one turning out edible) but first, we focused on the first loaf. Once plaited (kinda) a further 2o minutes prove and into the oven it went.

I spent most of the 20 minutes peering into the oven and when I finally removed the loaf, tap-tap-tapping the baked bread provided a most rewarding hollow sound.

Obviously I was over excited and couldn’t wait for the bread to cool down. Taste-test passed, it only remained for me to shape the next two loaves and pop them in the freezer for next time I want newly baked oven fresh bread 🙂

Now I’m mentally preparing for Week 4 – Batter Week and Yorkshire Puddings: EEEEEP!!!


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