Incheon is the nearest town to Songdo and easily accesible by bus (the 908 from Homeplus Express) subway (from Central Park you can go to Incheon Bus Terminal. Arts Centre or Town Hall) and taxi – between 7,000 and 10,000 Won.

If you take the bus to Incheon, and get off by the bus station, you’ll find yourself by the Fruit and Veg Market  – keep walking through the veg hall and round to the left, you’ll find fruit, I promise! Here you’ll find most of the same varietals that you find in the supermarket, just a bit cheaper and you can buy things as singles, rather than in the huge familiy packs you find elsewhere. The vendors only take cash and it is quite an experience trying to figure out what you are doing but a lot of people make weekly trips there so grab your granny-trolley and give it a go!

As well as the fruit and veg markets, you have the regular department stores, e-mart, homeplus and some english language book stores, which are always fun to have a browse through. There is a also a CGV cinema in Incheon.

Sidenote on cinemas: Most western films are screened in English with Korean subtitles except animated films – these tend to be dubbed.

What seems super interesting to me are the back streets away from the subway – I’m yet to explore these yet but with the warmer weather here, I’ll get right on it and update ASAP!





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