Korean Beauty Kings & Queens

Korean beauty and skincare is in a class of its own. I know there have been tons of blogs and vlogs already about the (in)famous 12-step-skincare routine, carried out twice daily, but it really wasn’t until I got here that I realised just how serious a business it is.

There are masks for EVERY eventuality – I wouldn’t be surprised to find one that calms the nerves after your pet disappears – with all sorts of ingredients. And they come in this weird sheet, with the eyes, nose and mouth all cut out. You stick it on your face and just have to sit around and wait for it to dry. If, as I am wont to do, you wander around doing bits and pieces while you wait for the mask to work its magic, it will invariably slip off. I hear that once the mask is dry, many women (and men) will spritz their face to reactivate the mask and then wait some more.

Sheet Mask.jpg

And then there was the day I saw this in a store and thought the whole industry had gone way too far….

Pore Strips

Closer investigation made me realise that the nose strips are intended to give you “skin as clean as a baby’s” and not for use on babies but talk about misleading.

Haircuts are cheap – well, comparative to the cost of everything else here – and well priced enough that I’m definitely considering weekly blow-drys :-).

The mani/pedi culture here varies. A manicure with regular nail polish is reasonably priced and the attention to detail is amazing. Change the varnish to gel, and the price triples (but then, so does the durability) and there are no end of nail salons to try out. Pedicures here strange. Unless you specific request a scrub, it isn’t part of the routine. And if you think that a pedicure will always come with a nice foot soak and massage, guess again. A nice touch is the gift pack you get at the end of your treatment:


As well as the face masks, there are hand masks and foot masks and who knows what else. Personally, I don’t have the patience to use everything as they should be but I am having fun trying out the various gloopy bits and pieces that I find and I am sure that there will be no end to the treasures to come…




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