Bus Routes

Bit of a functional post today with a couple of bus routes that have come in handy but as I’m finding more and more common in SoKo, a lost in translation moment will always feature.

Once you have your T-Money pass all set up and good to go, the bus is a great lifeline in Songdo.

I’ve tried to plot the bus stops that we used on the below map, but I’ll get Raj to check the maps when he is back from work – I was directionally challenged even when I understood and could pronounce the street names! (ed. Raj has had a look and says that the bus stops are roughly in the right place, so yay me!)

Bus Route M6724 – Towards Hongik University

I’ve marked this as the red cross on the below map. It is around the corner from HomePlus Express and down the road from BMW. We took the M6724 all the way from Songdo into Seoul and it took just over an hour. The bus does stop nearer to The Prau, but we were advised to try and get as close to the start of the route as possible, to ensure a seat for the duration. (ed. This isn’t such an issue on a Sunday, but the bus does get busy.)

When you get on the bus, try and head towards the back of the bus – that way, if any elderly people / people more in need of seats than you get on the bus, you don’t find yourself seatless. The buses here are REALLY REALLY hot – as soon as we got on, all the layers came off. Make sure you have water and, if you are like me, a snack (cheese and cucumber sandwiches!) to keep you going.

From Songdo we went to Hapjeong – also known as the first stop once you have crossed over the river – and after a brief wander through Hongdae (head right from the bus stop) we took line 6 on the metro to Itaewon.

Once you are in Seoul, the subway is definitely the quickest way to get around, so download the Seoul Subway App before you go exploring and it is fairly easy to figure things out from there.

Sidebar: don’t be surprised or (too) afraid if the bus driver starts doing strange things. On our way back to Songdo, Raj and I were the last two passengers on the bus after the local university stop. At the traffic lights, which granted, are paticularly long, the driver got up and started clearing rubbish, putting the seats upright and got back to the wheel just in time to move the bus. Then he decided to pull over and have a chat with us to figure out where we wanted to get off the bus. I think it was just Sunday night and he wanted to floor it to the depot and get home but we were not helping with his plan by not leaving but it was all very funny and of course, I got the giggles which didn’t really help!

Bus Route 908

From the bus route directly outside Homeplus Express (on the same side of the road) you can get the 908 to a couple of places – see the blue cross on the map.

Again, there is a bus stop nearer to The Prau, but using Homeplus Express as a landmark isn’t a bad way to go.

(1) If you get down at Dong Mak Station, you can get the subway into Incheon or take a 10 minute walk and you’ll be at Square 1 – Songdo’s Mall complete with 2 supermarkets, a cinema and a range of shops that will be familar to you, such as H&M, Zara and Mango.

(2) You can also stay on the 908 all the way to Incheon – get down at Incheon Bus Terminal and you’ll be directly outside the Fruit and Vegetable market. Whilst not everything is cheaper here, it certainly makes you feel as though you can afford to eat fruit in South Korea – but that’s for another day and another post.

If you walk through the Bus Terminal you’ll be at the Shinsagae department store, Lotte department store and a load of fun back streets that I am yet to explore, so we’ll talk about Incheon another day.

Bus Route 6405

I haven’t tried this route yet but I believe that you can take the 6405 into Gangnam. Will update once I know for sure!

Happy Exploring… and don’t forget to touch IN and OUT when getting on and off the buses!

Bus Route 6707b – Kal Limousine Bus

So the easiest way to get to the airport from Songdo is to take the Kal Limousine Bus. It costs KWR7,000 one way and when leaving Songdo, you buy your ticket directly from the bus driver. The bus to the airport stops across the road from Dominos on Convensia-Dareo and takes about 20 minutes and you can check the schedule here: https://www.kallimousine.com/eng/guide01_en.html

On the way back from the airport, the easiest thing to do is exit through exit 4 and directly on your left hand side is the ticket office. The stop for The Prau is Korean Coast Guard and it stops outside Dominos – first stop after the bridge.




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