English TV

I know this isn’t the most important thing to know about before making the move to South Korea, but Raj and I are big TV watchers, so figuring out how to indulge our addiction was important to both of us.

Speaking to our apartment manager, we quickly found out that all the basic television channels are in Korean, and even if you subscribe to a cable-esque package, there still won’t be much by the way of English TV. Compounding the problem was the fact that the DVD player  we brought over from London – so that we could watch our UK box sets without worrying about regions –  couldn’t be attached to the TV in our serviced apartment (some cable input missing somewhere.. once we figured out that it wouldn’t work, I didn’t delve too far into the why).

Now, I am a bonafide PC-user, but I have to admit that Apple saved our TV-watching lives. We had bought an Apple TV set a year or so ago, and managed to hook it up to the TV giving us access to all the films we had purchased, making it possible for us to play DVDs on the TV via Raj’s Mac/Apple TV/Wifi and.. joy of joys, access to the newly arrived Netflix!

Now you don’t get all the shows that you are used to at home – I still don’t know if the new season of House of Cards will be accessible to us here – but there is definitely enough to keep you going, especially if you are a house-wifey-type-being like myself upon arrival.

Moral of the story: Before moving to Songdo, hook yourself up with Apple TV and make sure that your initial accommodation comes with a Smart TV and Wifi. Believe me, in the cold winter months, when going out isn’t always an option (have I mentioned the -17 degree centigrade weather?!?!) the ability to stay entertained indoors is important! IMG_4214

Ps. Get some hobbies as well. I picked knitting and so ‘Netflix and Knitting’ is a regular part of my morning routine. Added bonus – there are knitting cafes in Seoul which I fully intend on visiting once I’ve got the warm back in my bones 🙂


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