It starts…

I must find something to replace the use of the old ‘…’. Let me know if you have suggestions, but for now, it will do.

We left London on a rather miserable 2nd January 2016 with our very own entourage – 3 cars, 7 family members, 2 passengers, 6 check-in suitcases, 2 hand baggages and 2 rucksacks. I’d imagine we were a bit of a sight in the airport. Goodbyes ensued, tears flowed – mostly mine on realising this is the furthest I’ll have ever been from my baby brother – but luckily Raj quickly filled my empty hands with champagne which certainly softened the blow and we were off… Cut to 3rd Jan when we landed at Incheon International Airport.

Having successfully navigated use of the diplomatic channel to clear immigration [ed. dreams can come true it appears] and the retrieval of all baggage, it remained to be seen how we were going to get everything home – and now for the first tip:

Located between exit 12 and 13 of Terminal 10c, is the call van desk. This is basically a large taxi service for anyone with lots of baggage. Beware of the taxi drivers wandering around by the exit offering you a large taxi, as these can often be costly. It cost us KRW 57,000 from the airport (including tolls) to our front door and, as I’ve read elsewhere, Korea does not have a tipping culture.

Now, being a Sunday, nobody was available to meet us at the apartment. Fun and games were had when trying to enter the building – the security guard insisted that we couldn’t, so we had to sneak everything past him and in and it was only later that day we realised he just wanted us to use a different entrance. Oh well.

We were in and it was time for a quick cuppa – you can take the Londoner out of London and all that – before braving the cold.

Airport Call Van Location


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